Indian Rupee will perform in 2016?

gsr-gold-rupee-524-neal-bhaiGold Silver Reports – There are fears of fund outflows after the Fed rate hike, but broking firm Religare believe that the capital outflows from India due to the U.S rate hike may not be as severe as widely projected. As the rate differential between the 10 year G Sec between India and the U.S is at a high figure of 550 basis points, FIIs may not withdraw funds as feared.


Commodities Market in 2016

gsr-mcx-commodity-market-neal-bhai-reportsGold Silver Reports – Markets have stepped into a new year barely recovering from the damages suffered in 2015. Most commodities are stll scraping the bottom, while markets are wondering where the silver line is.

Year 2016 will unquestionably unfold a lot of events but at the outset, some prevailing market dynamics will play a crucial role going forward. What are the major forces that will drive the markets in 2015?


7 bold Reports About Gold for 2016 New Year

gsr-comex-gold-5Presidential election year politics will disrupt markets, leading to a strong year for physical gold and rare coins in 2016, and a drop in the Dow Jones stock market average, predicts Michael Fuljenz, an award-winning precious metals and numismatic writer and President of Universal Coin & Bullion in Beaumont, Texas (