Supplies of Gold and Silver Will Decline in 2016

Supplies of Gold and Silver Will Decline in 2016 Gold Silver Reports ~ Have we reached peak precious metals? Many analysts think so.

Just to be clear, however, the idea of peak gold and peak silver doesn’t refer to a peak prices. The precious metals put in a cyclical price high in 2011. But annual mining production levels may have peaked in 2014-2015. This is what is meant by “peak precious metals.”


PM Modi launched the Gold Monetisation Scheme on Nov 5

PM Modi launched the Gold Monetisation Scheme on Nov 5 Gold Silver Reports ~ The government will pay banks a 2.5 percent commission to unlock the country’s massive stash of gold under a new monetisation scheme, the RBI said, as the ambitious plan received a poor response from banks and customers.


Middle East Tensions, Support For Gold

Middle East Tensions, Support For GoldGold Silver Reports ~ The first week of the new year was an exceptionally volatile one with Crude Oil dropping to new 13-year lows as the oversupply worries continue to worsen. Precious Metals finally broke out of its month long trading range as rallied to $1100.0 whereas Silver largely remained in the same range.


Gold Mcx Chart Major Level By Neal Bhai

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Gold Chart For 2015 is Undeniably Bearish

gsr-chart-1-neal-bhai-reports.jpgGold Silver Reports – The gold chart for 2015 is undeniably bearish. The failure of support at $1,072 was significant and suggests more downside ahead. That being said, the price appears to be carving out a bottoming pattern and has bounced back above $1,072 several times since the support was initially breached.


Crude Oil will perform in 2016?

gsr-crude-oil-reports-neal-bhaiGold Silver Reports:- Outlook The Crude oil market could face many uncertainties heading into 2016, including the pace and volume at which Iranian oil re-enters the market, oil consumption growth, and the responsiveness of non-OPEC production to low oil prices.

“A mix of supply glut, poor demand and changing oil dynamics could keep oil prices under pressure in first quarter of 2016, as countries across the Middle East, Africa and Russia are all pumping oil at record capacity.”