Copper Prices 12% off from 2021 high

Copper Demand Continues to Outstrip Supply | Neal Bhai

Copper Demand: In the late-August copper price forecast update it was noted that “the shifting narrative around the supply-demand picture has created an opportunity whereby copper traders may be able to retake the pandemic uptrend, which would keep intact the prospect of a multi-month bull flag forming – and if viable, another jaunt to all-time highs.”

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Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies For Natural Gas And Copper

Trading Strategies: Natural Gas slid on Tuesday but prices are still expected to remain elevated. We continue to see a general lack of heat in the pattern compared to what was expected previously, with the 15-day period, along with July as a whole, looking to come in cooler than the five- and 10-year normal.

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Copper Chain

सोने की कीमत को मात देने के लिए चांदी और तांबा | Gold Silver Reports

Gold Silver Reports: Commodities witnessed an interesting end to a decade in 2020, which was for the most part unfriendly for the resources sector. Traders were caught off-guard by the unprecedented coronavirus crisis last year. Likewise, a strong recovery across the commodities board came as a surprise, bringing them in vogue and kick-starting a super cycle.

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