How Aluminum became a commodity to rival gold in 2022

“Aluminum is used in the aircraft industry. Nickel in stainless steel and batteries for electric cars. Platinum in electronics (medicine, chemical industry). Palladium in electronics and the production of catalytic converters for cars. There are big risks with exports from the Russian Federation. Russia’s share in global aluminum production is 6%, nickel (high grade) – 22%, platinum – 15%, palladium – 45%,” Manturov noted, exploring investment opportunities surrounding a range of metals. 


MCX Aluminium Above 125 Target 138—142

MCX Aluminium Above 125 Target 138—142, Buy on Dips

MCX Aluminium Above 125 Target 138—142, Buy on Dips – Aluminium on MCX settled up 0.04% at 130.85 gained from the day’s low on short covering tracking 3-month aluminium price on the London Metal Exchange which was little changed on Tuesday February 19, with continued volatility in stock flows across LME-listed Malaysian warehouses doing little to jolt the metal’s stagnant price action.