MCX Zinc Trend Today

MCX Zinc Trend Today: Above 210 Target Price 228—238

MCX Zinc Trend Today: Above 210 Target 228—238 (Positional) Buy On Dips and Relaxxx. Zinc yesterday settled at 221.45 amid expectations of tighter zinc ingot supply. Pressure also seen affected by factors such as the slowdown of vaccination in Europe and the strengthening of the US dollar, US initial jobless claims unexpectedly increased last week.


MCX Zinc Day Trading

MCX Zinc Day Trading – Below 194 Under Selling Zone Target 188—187

MCX Zinc settled down 0.42% at 191.5 as pressure seen after China’s industrial output grew significantly slower than expected in October despite of decline in LME zinc inventories. China’s central bank lowered the interest rate on reverse repurchase agreements by five basis points, the first reduction in the short-term liquidity tool in more than four years.