Gold Chart For 2015 is Undeniably Bearish

gsr-chart-1-neal-bhai-reports.jpgGold Silver Reports – The gold chart for 2015 is undeniably bearish. The failure of support at $1,072 was significant and suggests more downside ahead. That being said, the price appears to be carving out a bottoming pattern and has bounced back above $1,072 several times since the support was initially breached. This gives some bullish color to our outlook on gold, especially if the price can climb back above $1,100 in the near term. – Neal Bhai Reports

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Neal Bhai has been involved in the Bullion and Metals markets since 1998 – he has experience in many areas of the market from researching to trading and has worked in Delhi, India. Mobile No. - 9899900589 and 9582247600

2 thoughts on “Gold Chart For 2015 is Undeniably Bearish”

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