Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and Silver Prices Fall Amid Optimism Over US Debt-Ceiling Talks

Gold Silver Rate Outlook: Gold and silver prices fell on Thursday as the dollar held firm and optimism over US debt-ceiling talks reduced the metal’s safe-haven appeal. Gold and Silver Prices Fall on MCX Gold (सोना) and silver (silver) traded lower on Thursday. Gold futures on the multi-commodity exchange (MCX) for June delivery were trading …

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Silver Price Forecast

How to Trade Silver Price After Breaking Below 50-DMA

Silver Price Forecast (17 May, 2023): Silver price (XAG/USD) is trading slightly higher around $23.75-80 after bouncing back from a 1.5-month low of $23.50 on Tuesday. The precious metal suffered its biggest daily loss in a week as the US dollar strengthened and investors turned cautious ahead of the Fed meeting.

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सिल्वर ब्रेकआउट का इंतजार कर रही है, एक तेजी के लिए [HINDI]

Silver Price Forecast: चांदी (सफेद धातु) वर्तमान में $19.00 के मध्य के नीचे, दैनिक निम्न के पास कारोबार कर रही है। तकनीकी दृष्टिकोण से, चांदी (Silver) पिछले एक या दो सप्ताह से एक परिचित बैंड में दोलन कर रहा है। सीमाबद्ध मूल्य कार्रवाई एक दिशात्मक कदम के अगले चरण में व्यापारियों के बीच अनिर्णय की ओर इशारा करती है। इसके अलावा, अपसाइड डाउनट्रेंड-लाइन प्रतिरोध के पास छाया हुआ है जो मई स्विंग हाई से फैला हुआ है।

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Silver Forecast for 2023

Spot Silver Price Forecast: Buy on Dips, Healthy Resistance $20.20

Spot Silver Price Forecast: XAG/USD reverses its early lost ground and moves back to the $19.80 area during the first half of the European session on Tuesday. The white metal is currently placed just below a nearly four-week high touched the previous day and seems poised to prolong its recent recovery from the $17.55 area, or over a two-year low.

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