Gold Bugs Get Their Own Gold Card, Literally

Gold Silver Reports – Gold Bugs Get Their Own Gold Card, Literally – Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right alternative commodity-linked currency to pay for their groceries.First we got the Bitcoin Visa card, the perfect gift for those who want an easy way spend a cryptocurrency that has gained 800 percent this year on goods whose price is up a relatively mild 3 percent. Swipe the card and your bubbly Bitcoin is instantly converted to boring sterling.


Bitcoin Price is ready to target the $60,000 level

Bitcoin Soars Past $8,000

Gold Silver Reports – Bitcoin rose as much as 7.7 percent to a record $8,290 as of 2:47 p.m. in New York. It’s been a tumultuous year for the virtual currency, with three separate slumps of more than 25 percent all giving way to subsequent rallies.


Bitcoin Is More Likely To Hit $10,000 Than $30,000

Bitcoin Emerges as Crisis Currency

Gold Silver Reports – Bitcoin Emerges as Crisis Currency – About a third of the customers queuing at La Maison du Bitcoin’s teller windows in Paris aren’t speculating on the value of the cryptocurrency.


Crypto Trading

World’s First Bitcoin Short Notes Allow Bears to Ride Big Swings

Gold Silver Reports – Bitcoin bears now have another way to bet on price falls. Swiss structured products houses Vontobel AG and Leonteq Securities AG started separate products on Friday that allow investors to profit if the price of bitcoin tumbles. Not that it has tumbled much lately. Bitcoin is trading at a record high and has soared more than 700% this year.


All you Wanted to Know About Bitcoin, the most Popular Cryptocurrency

Gold Silver Reports – All you Wanted to Know About Bitcoin, the most Popular Cryptocurrency – Whether you go for a game night at your friend’s house or are relaxing with friends after work, invariably someone will be talking about the next big investment option. In the past, these discussions were around real estate, stocks, even gold. Now, all such talk is about cryptocurrencies.