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Gold Silver Reports (GSR) – The need to have a diversified foreign currency and asset reserve will keep the Reserve Bank gold deposits glittering, opined economists and industry watchers.

The trend, they said, has led the country’s central bank to increase its gold reserves to 608.8 tonnes.

As per World Gold Council, India’s central bank holds the 11th largest gold reserves in the world as of May, in comparison, the US reserves are pegged at 8,133.50 tonnes, Germany (3,369.70), IMF (2,814), Italy (2,451.80), France (2,436) and Russia (2,168.3).

“Ongoing trade tensions and economic sluggishness remain the driving factors behind this continued diversification through gold,” said Alistair Hewitt, Director of Market Intelligence at the World Gold Council on the trend of gross purchases by four central banks.

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India’s forex reserves comprise Foreign Currency Assets (FCAs), gold reserves, Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and India’s reserve position with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Latest data had shown an increase of $4.368 billion in overall reserve during the week ended April 26 to $418.515 billion.

According to Anindya Banerjee, Deputy Vice-President for Currency and Interest Rates with Kotak Securities, “RBI is maintaining a share of 5-6 per cent of its total reserves in gold. As the reserves rose, RBI has increased the amount of gold it is holding, without increasing the share.”

The RBI’s weekly data had showed that the value of the country’s gold reserves was stagnant at $23.303 billion.

In the view of Tapan Patel, senior analyst, commodities, HDFC Securities, higher gold reserves guarantees asset diversification in terms of de-dollarisation to counter the volatile currency fluctuations amid strong foreign inflows.

“The global economic uncertainties pertaining to trade war, dovish US FED and lower interest rates have prompted RBI to increase gold buying diverting to safer assets. However, we expect RBI will try to keep gold reserves steady around 6.50% of overall reserves kitty and maintain the ratio of foreign currency and gold reserves.”

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