Gold Price Outlook

Gold Technical Analysis: Gold Bears Await Daily Candlestick Confirmation

Gold Technical Analysis: Gold prices have been hovering near multi-day lows around the $1,950 mark early on Monday as sellers take a break before the next potential drop. This comes as the US Dollar recovers against other major currencies due to broad risk aversion and rising US Treasury bond yields. Last week, gold prices dropped from near $1,990 as the US Dollar gained momentum and despite the downtrend in US Treasury bond yields.

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Gold Price Outlook: Gold Strong Hurdle $1,885 | Focus Shifts To Fed

Gold Price (Yellow Metal) pulls back to $1,878, after rising to the highest levels since May 09, during Monday’s Asian session. The precious metal’s latest weakness could be linked to the US dollar’s broad gains ahead of this week’s Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy meeting, as well as the risk-off mood. Additionally, a short-term trend line resistance also challenges the bullion buyers.

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Gold is jumping from $1800 but trend is still bearish

सोना 1800 डॉलर से उछल रहा है लेकिन रुझान अभी भी मंदी का है।

Gold Forecast Today: सोना 1800 डॉलर के निचले स्तर से उछल रहा है लेकिन कुल मिलाकर रुझान अभी भी मंदी का है। छोटी उछाल इसलिए हो सकती है क्योंकि सोने की कीमतें एक ओवरसोल्ड क्षेत्र के पास कारोबार कर रही हैं

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