Today Made a Lot of Money in Gold Silver With Neal Bhai

Gold Silver Tips Today: Today Made a Lot of Money in Gold Silver With Neal Bhai Reports (NBR)

Red Alert for Bullion Market: Risk aversion spiked late inthe New York session as the US warned its citizens toleave Ukraine within 48 hours due to Russian invasion risks. This sent Wall Street into a tailspin and sent the US 10-year Treasury yields crashing below daily support from 2.061% to a session lowof 1.915%. The greenback remained in positive territory in the 96 areas, DXY. However, for its haven allure, gold buyers emerged and the following illustrates past and prospective price action in a top-down analysis.

Bullion Market Hits 3-Month Top on Russia-Ukraine Tensions: Gold prices held their ground on February 14 near a three-month high touched in the previous session, as lingering concerns surrounding the Ukraine impasse kept the metal’s safe-haven appeal intact.

At the Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX), gold contracts were trading higher by 1.50% at Rs 49,894 for 10 grams at 08:35Pm and silver jumped 2.23% to trade at Rs 64,537 a kilogram.

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Neal Bhai has been involved in the Bullion and Metals markets since 1998 – he has experience in many areas of the market from researching to trading and has worked in Delhi, India. Mobile No. - 9899900589 and 9582247600

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  1. सोना 8,95 रुपये महंगा होकर 50,011 रुपये प्रति दस ग्राम पर पहुंच गया है. चांदी भी सोमवार को 1,520 रुपये उछलकर 64,537 रुपये प्रति किलोग्राम के स्तर पर पहुंच गई है.

  2. The press lower held above the previous low of 1778.50 to make a low of 1780.36 and these levels may continue to provide support.

    Closer by, support might also be the pivot points of 1853.83, 1847.94, 1831.65, 1829.68 and 1805.78.

    A bullish triple moving average (TMA) formation requires the price to be above the short term SMA, the latter to be above the medium term SMA and the medium term SMA to be above the long term SMA. All SMAs also need to have a positive gradient.

    With the 10-day SMA crossing the 21-day SMA, conditions have been met for a bullish TMA. Using any 3 SMAs on the chart, the requirements for a TMA will be fulfilled. It should be noted though that past performance is not indicative of future results.

    Resistance could be at the November peak of 1877.15. Trading above that level will be the highest since June last year.

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