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Calls for Everyone’s Favorite Standard Are Back; Make America Gold Again


Gold Silver Reports — The gold standard is one of the oldest ideas about money, but the hardest of hard-money hawks sense an opening to breathe new life into it. Decades ago, the amount of cash circulating in a country was often limited by the stash of bullion held in its coffers.

Especially since 2008, developed-world policy has headed in the exact opposite direction, expanding the powers of central banks to stoke growth. Helicopter drops of money, potentially the next new thing, would be a giant leap further.

Commodity That No One Knows About But Everybody Wants to Buy


Gold Silver Reports — The world’s mines and steel plants got so devalued during the commodity slump that some were just given away by owners struggling to cut losses or debt. But there’s at least one metal that’s been attracting a lot of attention.

Niobium — named for a Greek goddess who became a symbol of the tragic mourning mother — is used to produce stronger, lighter steel for industrial pipes and aircraft parts. It is mined in only three places on Earth, and the price of every kilogram is seven times higher than copper.  

Sibanye Biggest Gold Miner Says Laws Not Acceptable


gsr-sibanye-gold-ltd-neal-bhai-reportsGold Silver Reports — Sibanye Gold Ltd., the biggest producer of the metal from South African mines, criticized the country’s planned Mining Charter, saying some aspects of the legislation are “not acceptable” in their current form.

The government published draft proposals on Friday stating that mines must be at least 26 percent-owned by black investors, even if those stakes are subsequently sold. Mining executives including Sibanye Chief Executive Officer Neal Froneman have argued this will lead to existing investors’ stakes being continually diluted.