MCX Weekly Research Report 02 To 06 May 2022 [Fed Update]

Top 5 Commodities MCX Weekly Research Report, 02 To 06 May, 2022 Weekly, Monthly MCX Live Research Reports Released by Neal Bhai Experts Research Teams, India.

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Top 5 Commodities MCX Weekly Reports By Neal Bhai

Gold MCX (June) Weekly Recommendation – Trend DOWN ⇒ SELL Gold MCX Between 52150 – 52250, Stop Loss (CBSL) 52956 Target – 51700 ↔ 50900 (Gold POSITIONAL CALL)

Silver MCX (July) Weekly Recommendation – Trend DOWN ⇒ SELL Silver MCX Between 62200 – 65500, Stop Loss (CBSL) – 66730 Target – 63000 ↔ 62300 (MCX Silver POSITIONAL CALL)

Copper MCX (May) Weekly Recommendation – Trend Down ⇒ SELL Copper MCX 785 – 790 Stop Loss (CBSL) – 805 Target – 775 ↔ 752 (MCX Copper POSITIONAL CALL)

Crude Oil (May) Weekly Recommendation – Trend DOWN ⇒ BUY Crude MCX Oil Between – 7700 – 7650 Stop Loss (CBSL) – 7540, Target – 8000 — 8250 (Crude Oil POSITIONAL CALL)

Natural Gas (May)Weekly Recommendation Trend Down ⇒ BUY Natural Gas MCX Between 542 – 535 Stop Loss (CBSL) – 511, Target – 580 – 610 (Natural Gas POSITIONAL CALL)

Spot Gold Trading Zone By Neal Bhai

Spot Gold Trading Zone Between $1,780 ——$1808 (trading plan). Wait and Watch Price and Buy on Demand zone. Thanks

What do Neal Bhai think? [Gold 2022 Forecast]

Neal Bhai thinks that gold is likely to remain rangebound between $1,780 and $2,010 in 2022.

What happens if gold manages to break out of that range? First of all, gold needs to make a weekly close above $1,970 or below $1,832 to confirm a breakout. Second of all, the weekly RSI should be ideally near 80 or 20, respectively, when that happens. Finally, investors are likely to be convinced of a breakout if it’s accompanied by a breakout in yields.

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