MCX Gold Tips For Next Week | Gold Buying Level is Rs 49750-49550

MCX Gold Tips For Next Week: We saw a sharp fall from $1,840 to $1,817 yesterday after news of Russian officials and Ukraine officials meeting flashed. However gold reversed those losses and gained till $1,857.

Another reason for gold gaining despite US Fed raising rates is fear of recession. Powell wants to choke off some demand issues to bring down inflation, but he doesn’t want to push the economy into a recession. We have already seen signs of slowdown in many economies. If The Fed doesn’t raise interest rates fast enough, then inflation will continue to rise and if they move too fast, they risk a recession. Both of these scenarios are positive for gold. So we don’t see major corrections in gold. We believe if $1,800 is breached, gold will take support around $1,750 while above $1,860, gold has room till $1,900.

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The only negative trigger for gold would be if there is truce between Russia and Ukraine or if real interest rate rises above 2%. Although the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary policy stance will start to drive real yields higher, real interest rates wouldn’t be high enough to offer investors significant protection from rising volatility and economic uncertainty. But if the real interest rate rises above 2%, then gold will be unattractive to investors and we may see a sell off in gold.

In MCX Gold has support key 49,750-49,550 and has become short term support. 52,000 is the resistance. The main trigger for gold this week already is over and gold has come unscathed from it. Now we may see gold trade higher albeit with a slow pace. Above 52000 and $1,858 is the breakout for gold. We would recommend investors to buy on dips with stoploss of 49,100 and upside target of 52,000-52,500.

MCX Gold Tips For Next Week | Gold Buying Level is Rs 49750-49550
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  1. Gold remains capped by $1,894 — Gold prices reversed two daily advances in a row on Friday and kept hovering around the key 200-day SMA near $1,827. The downtick was in tandem with increasing open interest, which is supportive of further weakness in the very near term. On the upside, prices of the precious metal appear limited by the June high around $1,884.

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