Best Intraday Trading Indicators


1. Averages – As per our trading tips advisor, daily moving averages is the most widely used intraday trading indicator. It is a line on the stock carts which connects the average closing rates of shares over a specific period. However, this indicator helps you to understand the underlying trend of the price movement. Do you want to know more about the moving averages indicator? We got your back.

2. Bollinger Bands It is one step ahead of the moving averages to provide intraday trading-related information. This band consists of three lines – an upper limit, lower limit, and moving average. It is the amount from which the price of the share increases and decreases from the average.

3. Momentum Oscillators Momentum Oscillator is beneficial as there are short-period cycles that are not related to the rise and fall of the market. It depicts the price of the share when the price is at a new high or low. A trader can easily get to know if the price of that share will further increase or not. Overall, a momentum oscillator helps a trader to understand when the market will be going under new modifications. You can learn more about it from our intraday trading tips provider.

4. Relative Strength Index To compare the share price profits and loss, the Relative Strength Index is an adequate intraday trading tip. The information is then converted into an index form. Also, it helps to narrow down the Relative Strength Index score ranges between 0 -100. This index changes as the price changes. If the share price goes up the index will increase and vice versa. It helps you to modify your intraday trading strategy. For more such information and intraday trading tips, you can contact us.

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