Indian Mills Produced 79.85 Lakh Tonnes Sugar

Indian Mills ProducedGold Silver Reports ~ The mills across India have produced 79.85 lakh tonnes of sugar as on 31 December, 2015, according to the latest data released by Indian Sugar Mills Association(ISMA). The new output is 6.5% higher as compared to last season’s production for the corresponding period.

In 2014-15 SS, there were 490 sugar mills in operation on 31st December, 2014 and they produced 74.95 lakh tonnes of sugar till that date, as per ISMA data.

Though domestic ex-mill sugar prices have improved in the past fortnight by Rs. 1 to 2 per kilo, the all India average ex-mill price of sugar for the last three months i.e. October to November, 2015, is around Rs. 27-28 per kilo, which is still Rs. 4 to 5 per kilo below the all India average cost of production of sugar.

As per information available, sugar mills have been contracted for export of around 8 lakh tonnes of sugar till date and have physically despatched around 3 lakh tonnes of sugar for exports. “Since there is no parity on export of raw sugar due to high cost of sugarcane in India and depressed global price, sugar mills in India have produced almost negligible quantum of raw sugar and are mainly exporting white sugar,” ISMA said. ~ Neal Bhai Reports

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