Gold Resumes the Bullish rally — Analysis – 13 April 2017

gold sport chart- gold silver reportsGold Silver Reports — Expected trading range for today is between 1275.00 support and 1305.00 resistance.  

Gold price rallied strongly in yesterday’s evening to move away from the intraday bullish channel’s support, reinforcing the expectations for the bullish trend continuation on the short term basis, and the way is open for testing 1300.00 then 1305.00 level that represented by our next main targets, where the price gets continuous positive support from the EMA50, which protects the trading within the mentioned channel.

Therefore, we wait for more of the upside moves for today, and breaching the targeted levels will extend gold gains to reach 1340.00 as a next main station, while holding above 1263.17 represents the first condition for the continuation of the suggested bullish trend.

Expected trend for today: Bullish

Gold Resumes the Bullish rally — Analysis – 13 April 2017 | Gold Silver Reports

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