Live Stock Market Reports | Stock Recommendations [17-01-2022]

SEBI Details Policy Initiatives On Investor Charters

  • Publishing disposal status of investors’ grievances received in SEBI Complaints Redress System monthly.
  • Amendments regarding Investor Protection Fund, providing an electronic interface for processing investor’s queries, complaints etc.
  • Examining the possibility of introducing alternate dispute resolution mechanism in various agreements between the regulated entities and their clients.

Source: SEBI press release


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MARUTI-532500) – I Told You Below 6000 Big Downfall, CMP 5490, Watch 510 Points Down Enjoy

In an indication that vehicle sales may remain subdued in the upcoming festival season, Maruti Suzuki India ltd – the country’s largest passenger vehicle manufacturer- will not push inventories at dealerships. This comes as most dealer partners are financially stressed and as the overall slowdown in the economy continues keep customers away from showrooms.