The Lure of Profit

The Lure of Profit: How India’s Banks’ Recklessness May Lead to Disaster

India’s banks spent most of the last decade out in the wilderness, as a punishment for the lax underwriting standards on their corporate loans. Now they have regained their health, restored profitability and reestablished investors’ trust. The benchmark Nifty Bank Index is close to an all-time high. With everything going well, the lenders should be turning cautious. But recent full-year results show an opposite trend: Provisions for future loan losses are beginning to decline. This may not be prudent.


Crude Oil Price Update, 31 August 2023: Oil Rises on fall in inventory

Brent Crude Oil Price Forecast: Signs of a Major Reversal Appearing

Crude oil has witnessed elevated prices for the better part of 2H 2021 on the back of the global economic recovery which has taken place ever since the April 2020 low. However, oil had some difficulty surpassing the 2018 high at the historically important $86.67 area (highlighted with blue circles).