Nifty Future Weekly Technical Forecast [16-07-2022]

The week ended was a disappointment after the strong showing of the earlier week. We finished that one well but could not see any follow-through price action in this one. You can attribute it entirely to the goings-on in the United States market. Suddenly, it seems that everyone has made U.S. inflation our problem. Reminds me of a line I read recently, ‘the Dollar may be ours but the problem is yours’ said someone out of the US, and no truer word was spoken! The Dollar Index charged up to 20-year highs, decimating many a global currency in its wake, one of which was our very own Rupee.


Nifty Future Below 9180 Target 8850

Nifty Future Below 9180, Positionally Call Below 9180, Only Sell Sell Sell Nifty Future Buy Karna Mana Hai Nifty Future Target 8980—— 8850 Levels Neal Bhai 9899900589