सोने और चांदी की कीमतें आज 26-03-2024: अपने शहर में नवीनतम दरें देखें

आज सोने की कीमत: पीली धातु में गिरावट; ₹61,800 के स्तर पर समर्थन देखा गया

Gold price today: ताजा ट्रिगर की कमी के बीच अंतरराष्ट्रीय बाजार में नरम रुख को देखते हुए बुधवार को एमसीएक्स पर सोने की कीमतों में मामूली गिरावट आई।


MCX Gold Price Forecast

MCX Gold Price Forecast: Buy or Sell MCX Gold – Neal Bhai

MCX Gold Price Forecast: Gold is trading at 2.5 year low in COMEX. The big news is GBP falling to an all time low after unveiling a mini budget on Friday. Indian rupee followed its peers and opened at fresh all time low giving some cushion to gold prices in MCX. Looks like this dollar rally is not peaking.


Gold Price Prediction

MCX Gold Price to Trade Sideways, Trading Zone 49900 To 51300

MCX Gold Price to Trade Sideways: MCX Bullion prices ended higher, reporting the first weekly gain in the last four weeks supported by dollar decline and safe haven buying. The traders and investors weighed on the dollar dragging down from 20 year highs over inflation worries and slowdown fears.


Gold Price Forecast

Bullion Forecast Today: Gold High 50685, Resistance Key 50800

Bullion Forecast Today: Gold prices recovered sharply from a six-week low as a worsening energy crisis in Europe drove up safe haven demand. Metal price also witnessed gains, after U.S. data showed moderate wage growth in August and a rise in unemployment rate to 3.7% suggested the labour market was starting to loosen.