Crude MCX Above 4410 Looking Hot Hot, Only Buy

Nigeria Boasts Oil Production Cost of $23 Per Barrel

The average production cost for a barrel of oil in Nigeria has declined to just US$23 a barrel, Petroleum Minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu told local media, adding that oil companies were not stopping there and were aiming to reduce this further, to US$15 a barrel.


Monsoon Could Push Gold Price Higher As Rural Demand Picks Up. Where Is Gold Headed To?

Gold Silver Reports (GSR) – Wondering where gold prices are headed to? In the past many weeks, gold prices have been stuck in a narrow range. In the international market, gold prices have been in the range of $1,290 to $1,350 per ounce since April. Domestic gold prices have also displayed a similar trend. Gold prices in Delhi have been around Rs. 32,000 per 10 grams (24 carat) during this period. Are gold prices expected to break the current trend anytime soon? NDTV here brings to you what experts think about the current trend in gold prices.