Crude Oil outlook for 2024

Crude Oil Outlook, 26 July 2023: गोल्डमैन सैक्स के अनुसार दिसम्बर 2023 के अंत तक कच्चा तेल $90 से नीचे रहने का अनुमान

Crude Oil Outlook, 26 July 2023: कच्चे तेल की घटती डिमांड और बढ़ती ग्लोबल सप्लाई के बीच गोल्डमैन सैक्स (Goldman Sachs Group) ने कच्चे तेल की कीमतों का पूर्वानुमान (Crude Oil Prices Forecast) एक बार फिर घटा दिया है.


G20 Meeting Could Trigger Rebound in Commodities Prices: Goldman

Gold Silver Reports (GSR)  – “Given the size of dislocations in commodity pricing relative to fundamentals, with oil now having joined metals in pricing below cost support, we believe commodities offer an extremely attractive entry point for longs in oil, gold and base (metals),” the bank said in a note.


Goldman Can’t Rule Out U.S. Naming China a Currency Manipulator

Though China doesn’t meet the three official criteria, the Treasury Department could still accuse the Asian nation if it found that China was manipulating the yuan for trade purposes, Goldman notes. While not the bank’s base case, given that currency matters have played a “central role” in the U.S.-China trade standoff, a formal declaration isn’t unfathomable.


Goldman Sounds the China Alarm and Cuts Metals Outlook

Goldman Sachs Downgrades Indian Equities from Overweight to Market-Weight

Gold Silver Reports (GSR) — While earnings have improved, Indian equities have almost doubled over the past five years and outperformed the Asian region by 60 percentage points in US dollar terms, said the investment bank in the note. “At current levels, we believe the risk reward for Indian equities is less favourable and we lower our investment view from overweight to market-weight,” they said.