Today is inauguration day as Donald Trump’s presidency comes to an end, although market significance will be most likely minimal. Taking a look at gold’s performance in the chart below, around the time of inauguration day, there is no discernible implications for the precious metal.

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Gold ETFs

Singapore/London: Gold is Hitting New Milestones of Misery, Gold Investors ‘Give Up Hope’ as Biggest Short in History Builds – Gold Silver Reports

Gold Silver Reports (GSR) – Exchange-traded funds tracking the metal have bled assets for 13 consecutive weeks, the longest run in five years, investors have placed the biggest gold short on record, and bullion’s chief foe—a strong dollar—is extending its market grip.                

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Gold Could Be Near a Bottom – Jim Cramer

Charts: Gold could be near a bottom from CNBC. Jim Cramer and technician Carley Garner inspect the charts related to gold to see if the precious metal could be ripe for a run.

Gold Report: Newmont Mining Poised for growth in Gold Sector

Gold Silver Reports – Gold Report: Newmont Mining Poised for growth in Gold Sector — Newmont Mining Corp laid out plans Thursday for new projects to grow gold production and cut costs, while reporting market-beating profits and output forecasts that position it to take the title of world’s largest bullion producer in 2018.

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