`Disastrous’ Deals Sideline Gold-Mining M&A as Metal Rises

Gold Silver Reports – `Disastrous’ Deals Sideline Gold-Mining M&A as Metal Rises  — Stung by some lousy investments that led to billions of dollars in losses a few years ago, the world’s major goldproducers have cut way back on mining deals — even as metal prices posted their biggest rally since 2010.


Gold Prices Today Remain Steady but Silver Rates Fall

Gold Mining Gets Wired

Gold Silver Reports – Gold Mining Gets Wired – Surrounded by sagebrush and pinyon pine in a remote part of Nevada, the city of Elko appears out of the desert as if from another era, with its strip of 1960s neon-lit motels and casinos. But down the highway a stretch, the scene is unmistakably 21st century.