The Interest Rate and Stock Market Crash

After the last crisis, the Fed pegged the interest rate for one-day maturity at near zero. Throughout its various rounds of Quantitative Easing, most critics expected rising, if not skyrocketing, consumer prices. And the commonly-accepted remedy is for the Fed to raise interest rates. So in Dec 2015—exactly seven years after it pegged it at zero—the Fed began to hike the rate. Over a period of three years and a month, it pushed the Fed Funds Rate up to 2.4%.


Fed Rate Hike in July

Federal Reserve Interest Rate Decision Forecast – No expectation for a change in the Fed funds target rate

The Federal Reserve will finish its scheduled two-day meeting of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) on Wednesday, December 11th. The governors will release the policy decision and economic and rate Projection Materials at 19:00 GMT. 14:00 EST. Chairman Powell will read his statement and hold a news conference starting at 19:30 GMT, 14:30 EST.


Fed Keeps Rates Unchanged, Says Inflation Pressure Is Low

The Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC, just wrapped up its two-day meeting. As expected, the federal funds rate remained the same, but that doesn’t mean that nothing significant happened. In fact, some potentially dovish language has been added to the committee’s statement, which may reduce the probability of further interest rate hikes.