Crypto Is Like a ‘Ponzi’ Scheme, India’s Central Bank Warns

Solana price set for $100 as crypto markets look to the upside

Solana (SOL) price saw its bullish reversal stop short on Sunday and is now nearing the monthly S2 support level again at $89.28. Although ASIA PAC equity and European indices are firmly in the green, the sentiment has not spilled over to US futures and cryptocurrencies yet. Expect a bounce off the monthly S2 support level and look for a first test at $100 to the upside before continuation this week towards $130.70.


A hedge against crypto volatility?

Gold Silver Reports (GSR) – Banks and other Reserve Bank of India-regulated entities stopped servicing cryptocurrency exchanges last month, as per an RBI directive. But within a day or two, at least two cryptocurrency exchanges in India took the peer-to-peer trading route to enable crypto-rupee trading. Read here. P2P transactions, however, do not hedge you against price fluctuations, which can be significant in crypto markets, even in a short span.