Copper Chain

Surging Copper Demand Will Complicate the Clean Energy Boom

Copper is one of the essential elements of today’s economy, and tomorrow’s. It’s in the turbines and solar modules that generate electrons, the transmission and distribution lines that carry electricity to consumers, the home wiring that delivers it to dishwashers and iPhones, and the motors that move everything from elevators to electric bicycles. 


Copper Prices 12% off from 2021 high

Copper Demand Continues to Outstrip Supply | Neal Bhai

Copper Demand: In the late-August copper price forecast update it was noted that “the shifting narrative around the supply-demand picture has created an opportunity whereby copper traders may be able to retake the pandemic uptrend, which would keep intact the prospect of a multi-month bull flag forming – and if viable, another jaunt to all-time highs.”