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Spot Gold slip to a one-week low of $1,772 [16-08-2022]

Spot gold (Yellow Metal) fell to a one-week low of $1,772 a troy ounce on Monday as risk aversion benefited the American currency against all of its major rivals. gold managed to bounce after the US opening, as Wall Street opened in positive territory despite the ruling dismal market mood. Softer-than-anticipated Chinese data released at the beginning of the day spurred risk aversion as the focus returned to a potential economic setback.


Copper prices

Base Metals: Copper prices Skids to lowest in a month as investors reduce risk

Base Metals: Copper prices have dropped 0.35% this week however they will now be at 4 pyo per pound. Gold and silver had also risen from covid-lows to $9,700 metric tonne in New York. The bellwether has been fuelled by a widely-held belief that demand for it should be heavily supported by the economic post-pandemic boom but also by the worldwide push to decarbonise.