European Central Bank (ECB) said it would Delay its First Post-Crisis interest Rate Hike until at Least the Middle of Next Year.

Gold Silver Reports (GSR) – The euro climbed higher against the U.S. dollar on Thursday, after the European Central Bank (ECB) said it would delay its first post-crisis interest rate hike until at least the middle of next year. In a move that was well-flagged, ECB President Mario Draghi also offered to pay banks if they borrow cash from the central bank and pass it on to households and firms.


Brexit Latest Update: Game over or Not?

The end of May

The British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Friday 24 May she will resign from her function on June 7. The final blow to her premiership was her speech a few days earlier; a speech in which she announced her proposal for revamping the EU-UK deal and bringing it forward for a vote in Parliament as part of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) at the beginning of June.


Brexit Results

Brexit Results: European Elections Results 2019

Europe’s traditional centrist coalition lost its majority in the European Union’s parliamentary elections Sunday, with far-right populist parties and liberal, pro-European Union parties both gaining ground. The results suggest a complicated future for the EU, as voters look for new ways forward.