Dow Set to Drop 700 Points – Neal Bhai

Dow set to drop 700 points amid uncertainty about US fiscal stimulus to combat coronavirus slowdown

Very soon we will see and check if everything that Chinesecitizens talked about the lies of the Chinese regime is true or not, in our own lives we will have the reality of what is COVID-19, the rest of the world

I dont buy the Chinese disingenuity and lack of transparency-narrative. I think they are doing a good job.

For sure, at early stages in Wuntan local/provincial apparatchiks to tried to minimise what was happening but Bejing moved fast to sack them. Like after Chernobyl… happens everywhere.

In the west.. Italy isnt the Worst.. its just the First.

Yes IOHO a recession is inevitable…and how this plays out now is highlydependent on how fast and far the infection proliferates in the Continental US. 1 

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