Buy Gold Silver, Don’t Sell Bullion – Buy Slowly Every Dip

Buy Gold Silver (Bullion): After receiving a wave of retail attention earlier this year and briefly trading above $30 an ounce, Silver’s mainstream media coverage is fading. But traders are still buying up the precious metal on every dip, as it is still extraordinarily cheap relative to its peers.

Can you buy gold and silver?

Silver is definetly the best trade in 2021. There is a lack of Silver around the world. There is not much Silver at any refineries and getting your hands on physical Silver is still difficult. In fact, Silver is now rarer than Gold, which means there is a risk of a real Silver squeeze this year.

And let’s not forget the Green Energy Revolution.

As the Green Energy Revolution gains traction, greater attention is being paid to the critical roles of various metals. One in particular, is Silver.

Now the $1.9 trillion stimulus package has been passed, Democrats will turn their attention to President Biden’s ambitious goal of spending big on renewable energy infrastructure and solar power technology to combat climate change.

Silver is a key component in renewable energy and solar power technology. Based on our proprietary research, photovoltaic demand for Silver could exceed 3000 tonnes in 2021 – and that’s just the beginning.

As governments around the world pursue more aggressive environmental policies to combat climate change – this alone will continue to be a major driver of Silver demand for years to come.

In the long term, I see a lot of upside potential for Silver, which makes it look very attractive at current levels.

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