Nifty Weekly Technical Forecast By Neal Bhai [23-05-2022]

Nifty Weekly Forecast: Trading Zone 17,100—15,200 - Neal Bhai

Nifty Weekly Technical Forecas: Traders continue getting tossed around by the market. We started weak, rallied up, then gave it all back, only to rally back again by the end of the week. So, the saga of volatility continues. Intra-week trading remained very difficult as gaps and lack of a follow-through kept taking a toll on whatever positions were created. The VIX moved sharply as uncertainty deepened and nervousness increased. Everyone is searching for a bottom that is proving to be elusive so far. The week in pictures was thus.

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Nifty Weekly Technical Forecast By Neal Bhai [23-05-2022] via @goldsilverrepor