Neal Bhai MCX Reports

सोने चांदी में आने वाले कुछ हफ्तों में बड़ी मंदी के संकेत, मौजूदा कीमतों पर सोने-चांदी में खरीदारी ना करें - नील भाई1

Signs of Big Recession in Gold and Silver in Coming Few Weeks US Job Data Market mood turns cautious while US Treasury yields hover near weekly troughs. With the Fed Minutes out of the way, all eyes remain on US employment data.

Wednesday’s decent gains in gold were on the back of increasing open interest, which remains supportive of the continuation of this trend in the near term. Against that, the next target of note for the precious metal is expected at the June 2022 top at $1879 per ounce troy.

Silver Forecast for 2023 by Neal Bhai [05-January-2023] (HINDI) * Gold recovered its firmly bullish stance and could storm through $1,878.91, the June high.

– Chinese news continue to lead the market’s sentiment, spurring optimism on Wednesday. * Easing government bond yields worldwide undermined demand for the US Dollar.