Leading Putin critic sentenced to 25 years in Russian jail

Vladimir Vladimirovich Kara-Murza: Born 7 September 1981) is a Russian political activist, journalist, author, and filmmaker.

Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr., a prominent opposition activist who twice survived poisonings he blamed on the Kremlin, has been behind bars since his arrest a year ago.

Kara-Murza, a journalist, was an associate of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was killed near the Kremlin in 2015.

Kara-Murza said that he remains proud of standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “dictatorship” and his decision to send troops into Ukraine.

A court in Moscow on Monday convicted a top Kremlin foe on charges of treason and denigrating the Russian military and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

He dismissed the allegations against him as political

A Moscow court on Monday sentenced him to 25 years in prison.