The Opening of a “Make in India” Week Launched by PM Modi to Drum up Foreign Investment.

The Opening of a "Make in India" Week Launched by PM Modi to Drum up Foreign Investment
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Gold Silver Reports – A huge fire engulfed the venue of a cultural event in Mumbai on Sunday that was being held at the opening of a “Make in India” week launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to drum up foreign investment.

Television pictures showed fire breaking out at the front of the outdoor stage during a performance by dancers. Fanned by high winds, it quickly spread, licking the sides of a scaffolding rig and lighting up the night sky.

Thousands of spectators, among them dignitaries including the chief minister of the host state of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, were evacuated safely.

“Venue was evacuated immediately. Traffic management allowed early dispersal without any trouble,” Fadnavis tweeted, adding that no fatalities or injuries were reported. – Neal Bhai Reports

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