Tokyo Trading After The Sankei

Gold Silver Reports – Takata Corp. surged the most in more than a year in Tokyo trading after the Sankei newspaper reported that Japanese automakers may provide support to the air-bag maker to safeguard access to its technology.

The report said the companies may jointly invest in Takata, spread the recall claims against the air-bag maker over several years and postpone their demands for price cuts for parts. Honda Motor Co., the automaker most affected by the recalls, said it’s waiting for the results of the investigation into the root cause of the defect and isn’t planning to extend aid or invest in Takata, according to spokesman Teruhiko Tatebe.

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Crude Oil will perform in 2016?

gsr-crude-oil-reports-neal-bhaiGold Silver Reports:- Outlook The Crude oil market could face many uncertainties heading into 2016, including the pace and volume at which Iranian oil re-enters the market, oil consumption growth, and the responsiveness of non-OPEC production to low oil prices.

“A mix of supply glut, poor demand and changing oil dynamics could keep oil prices under pressure in first quarter of 2016, as countries across the Middle East, Africa and Russia are all pumping oil at record capacity.”

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Indian Rupee will perform in 2016?

gsr-gold-rupee-524-neal-bhaiGold Silver Reports – There are fears of fund outflows after the Fed rate hike, but broking firm Religare believe that the capital outflows from India due to the U.S rate hike may not be as severe as widely projected. As the rate differential between the 10 year G Sec between India and the U.S is at a high figure of 550 basis points, FIIs may not withdraw funds as feared.

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सफलता का रहस्य क्या है? | Secret To Success


Gold Silver Reports – एक बार एक नौजवान लड़के ने सुकरात से पूछा कि सफलता का रहस्य क्या है?

सुकरात ने उस लड़के से कहा कि तुम कल मुझे नदी के किनारे मिलो.वो मिले. फिर सुकरात ने नौजवान से उनके साथ नदी की तरफ बढ़ने को कहा.और जब आगे बढ़ते-बढ़ते पानी गले तक पहुँच गया, तभी अचानक सुकरात ने उस लड़के का सर पकड़ के पानी में डुबो दिया. लड़का बाहर निकलने के लिए संघर्ष करने लगा , लेकिन सुकरात ताकतवर थे और उसे तब तक डुबोये रखे जब तक की वो नीला नहीं पड़ने लगा. फिर सुकरात ने उसका सर पानी से बाहर निकाल दिया और बाहर निकलते ही जो चीज उस लड़के ने सबसे पहले की वो थी हाँफते-हाँफते तेजी से सांस लेना.

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