Multi-Baggers are the Gold in Your Stock Chest

Multi-baggers are the Gold in Your Stock ChestGold Silver Reports — Multi-baggers are the Gold in Your Stock Chest — Having multibaggers in your portfolio is the gold standard of investing. They are the rarest of rare stocks which provide multi-fold returns for their investors over a specific period of time.“Multi-baggers have the potential to earn multi-fold returns over a stipulated period of time. Identifying such sectors can help generate significant alpha for one’s portfolio,“ Shibani Sircar Kurian, head, equity research, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company told Skynet Trading Solutions.

They are the stock that can dramatically change the performance of your portfolio from being an average one to being a market-beater.

“The process of doing so is a rigorous one and requires discipline and patience. The key , of-course is identifying the sector in the early stages so as to maximise the returns,“ Kurian adds.

Here are five sectors handpicked by experts that can provide multibagger stocks in the future. — Neal Bhai Reports

Multi-baggers are the Gold in Your Stock Chest


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