Switzerland Reports Lowest Trade Surplus In Four Years


Swiss foreign trade was high in the final month of 2013, thanks to an additional working day compared with December 2012, as per the data released byFederal Customs Administration today. Exports increased by 5.2% to CHF 14.7billion and imports by 8.4% to CHF 14.2 billion. Adjusted for the number ofworking days, exports were slightly negative , however, while imports were up by2.6%. Precision instruments and the machine and electronic industry wereparticularly successful exporters in th at month. The prices of exported goodsdecreased by 2.8%, while imported products were 3.0% more expensive. Excludingpharmaceutical goods, export prices rose by 1.9% (real: +3.2%) and imports by3.5% (real: +4.7%). This resulted in the trade balance showing the lowest monthly surplus (CHF 0.5 billion) since March 2009.