Saina will need three weeks rest after op, can resume sport after 4 months

Saina will need three weeks rest after op, can resume sport after 4 months

Gold Silver Reports — Saina will need three weeks rest after op, can resume sport after 4 months — On a day shuttler P Sindhu won an Olympic silver for India, her team member and former world No. 1 Saina Nehwal flew to Mumbai for a knee surgery . She will undergo a minimal access corrective surgery–lasting around 90 minutes–at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Andheri (west) on Saturday. 

A bone fragment, possibly dislodged due to an injury , has troubled Saina in recent days and has been the root cause of her knee pain, and perhaps her early exit at Rio. The fragment has led to severe inflammation and must be surgically removed. Around 10pm on Friday, the 26-year-old tweeted ab out undergoing a surgery at 6am on Saturday for a “right knee infrapatellar spur displaced fracture with patellar tendon impingement“ . 

“(She) flew in from Hyderabad on Friday afternoon. Her injury was evaluated and requires surgery ,“ the hospital’s executive director, Dr Ram Narain, said. Tests and scans performed on badminton ace Saina Nehwal at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Andheri (West), have shown that a small fragment of bone has separated from her kneecap bone. The shuttler recently suffered a complex injury that caused inflammation and pain in the knee, affecting her performance at the Rio Olympics .

“The displaced fragment of bone is causing her impingement and pain,“ said Dr Dinshaw Pardiwala, who heads the sports medicine centre at the hospital. As per Saina’s medical report, which she uploaded on Twitter late on Friday, she has had knee pain since August 1 and it worsened after training on August 8 .

“She has sustained an intra-articular injury (inside the joint) to her right knee,“ said Dr Pardiwala. He added that Saina will need only a day’s hospitalization after the surgery, but will require three weeks of rest. “However, as she is a sportsperson, she will need rehabilitation thereafter. She will need four months to return to badminton,“ the doctor said .

Incidentally, in the last two years, Dr Pardiwala has treated many members of India’s current Olympic contingent, especially wrestlers and boxers . — Neal Bhai Reports

Saina will need three weeks rest after op, can resume sport after 4 months


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