Hyd Shuttles From Hope To Joy As Homegirl Shines In Rio

Hyd Shuttles From Hope To Joy As Homegirl Shines In Rio

Gold Silver Reports — Hyd Shuttles From Hope To Joy As Homegirl Shines In Rio — As soon as PV Sindhu started losing steam towards the end of the third game, a pall of gloom descended over the Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy , where hundreds of fans from all over the city had gathered to watch the final on a giant screen. Nevertheless, they recovered soon and once Carolina Marin secured the winner, all of them raised slogans praising Sindhu’s magnificent effort .

“She will win it next time,“ they echoed the words of her father PV Ramana.

“A bit disappointed but we are happy with the performance. She made us proud.This is her first Olympics and she performed brilliantly . We are confident that she will get the gold next time,“ Ramana told the fans .

The former India volleyball captain displayed his sportsmanship when he lauded Marin. “Carolina played an excellent game today .Sindhu has to learn from her.Carolina always shows a lot of aggression, shouts a lot on the court and motivates her self. These are the sort of things Sindhu needs to learn from her… Her coach knows what to do and how to get the best out of Sindhu,“ said Ramana, who had arrived at the venue after the first game .

Ramana, in fact, had rushed to seek the blessings of the family deity, Ratnalamma, in West Godavari district, which is 370km away from Hyderabad .

Sindhu’s mother, Vijaya, was visibly disappointed with the result but said she is proud of her daughter. “Everyone wanted her to win and she also tried hard but the result was different. But I am extremely happy with the performance of my daughter.All these years people used to call me Ramana’s wife but now they will call me Sindhu’s mother. Nothing is more satisfying than the achievements of children,“ Vijaya said. Gopi’s wife PVV Laxmi heaped praises on Sindhu while his mother, Subbaravamma, who is the one that runs the academy, said, “This time we won silver, next time we will get gold.“

Sindhu’s relatives in Vijayawada and Nellore said they were elated at her performance. Nellorians decided to pour out their love for Sindhu because her elder sister, Divya, lives in the town . 

A champ on and off field, says school

Cheerful, friendly and a champion, both on and off the field. That’s how staffers at Auxilium High School, in Secunderabad, remember PV Sindhu, who in her 11 years there was a student “par excellence“. “She used to study in the buscar while travelling from school to the academy, where she had started training. She utilised every minute to ensure that her studies weren’t affecteddue to practice,“ said the school’s Correspondent, Sister Annakutty .

Hyd Shuttles From Hope To Joy As Homegirl Shines In Rio


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