Apply online for future DDA homes – E-GOVERNANCE

Apply online for future DDA homes - E-GOVERNANCE

Gold Silver Reports — The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is planning to make the application process for future housing schemes online. Officials said this will not only make the process more transparent, it will also expedite the allotment process. The proposal, sources said, is likely to be tabled in the upcoming authority meeting.

“We are working on it. We plan to make the process completely online. The idea is to expedi te the process and make it more transparent,“ said a senior DDA official.

If it is approved, then the next housing scheme will be completely online, said officials.The land-owning agency is also thinking of increasing the existing registration fee for houses.Officials said this will ensure that only genuinely interested people apply for flats. “But no decision has been taken in this regard,“ said an official. Both the matters will be placed before the authority members in the next meeting, said an official. If approved, DDA plans to implement the two plans in the next housing scheme.

It is planning to announce a housing scheme to dispose of 12,000 flats, which were returned by the allottees of 2014’s housing scheme.“We have compiled the list of flats. They are close to 12,000. We are presently doing the valuation of these flats as per the market rates. We will present the matter in the authority meeting on August 10. If we get a go ahead, then we will start the work,“ said an official.

Of the 25,034 flats, nearly 12,000 -most of them one-bedroom accommodations -were surrendered by allottees of the 2014 housing scheme till May 2016. The land-owning agency hopes to turn around the large scale rejection, unusual for DDA projects, by putting them up for sale. The 2014’s scheme is aimed at providing affordable housing to middle class and lower middle class families. Of 25,034, 22,627 flats were one-bedroom units and just 1,800 were two or three BHK flats. “A majority of people returned the flats citing extremely small size of the room as the reason,“ said a senior official. — Neal Bhai Reports


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