Sona Reports Updates MCX Gold Tips Neal Bhai

Chandi Mcx Reports Updates Mcx Silver

Sona Reports Updates MCX Gold Tips Neal BhaiGold Mcx (Sona Mcx) CMP 25910

Keep Eye on 25870 If Trade Above 25870 

We See Blast Up to 26115– 26270

Neal Bhai 9899900589 | 9582247600

  • ALERT-Sell ACC at 1602 ,stoploss Today’s high of 1625.
    Target 1558—1541 in panic ??Lets see…sell in small lots

  • Anil ji kya hua 511463 ??Why to cry…Buy slowly at 109-115-120 buy upto 150 & we will buy 25% any qty….jai ho !!

  • Risk of Rs.1 or stoploss 50 paisa…Buy 10000 or 1 lac or 5 lac CAIRN 200 Put at 1.60…….Now stock at 218.Stoploss 225
    We see bloodbath upto 164—144 very soon.Any rise sell sell sell.

  • ALERT-Now BANK NIFTY at 18940…..Rally upto 18980—19023 is possible….There after more Firework.
    Now Today’s low very crucial.Don’t jump and buy !

  • Buy DLF at 164.50 ,stoploss :161 on closing basis.
    Target 169————–171.50
    Buy 170 Call at 4.30,Risk Rs.4………lets see what happens ??

  • Look HINDALCO From 132 to 124 now …told u u remember on 12th March ?????
    Just eat any qty on screen u are getting of 511463……..we will buy from u at 175 in April if qty is big big big…..tomorrow again freeze.Next month 20% freeze will start

  • ALERT-Now NF at 8683….Hurdle & Target at 8698—8712
    Yes ,if crosses 8712 & sustains for 15 minutes watch blast upto 8756-8770 !!

  • BTST :Buy 10-50-100-500-1000 lots of M&M Finance at 260.50-261……………Dont misss
    Buy DLF in small lot
    Buy 511463,………………..try try try if u get !!

  • ALERT-Hope u will enjoy blast in NF ,BNF…at opening bell.
    Both our BTST Call.
    NF :Watch 8712 level…next tgt 8756-8770
    BNF :Above 19005–19140-19185 is possibl.e
    Buy small lot of LIC :Target 458-462
    Buy Buy Buy 511463…yes darling stock…buy everyday slowly and forget forget

  • APRIL END :Target of 511463….save this message we see 200-225+.In next 3-4 months Rs.400-500+.
    Yes ,The Ultimate concept ..only another company in one filed listed at London Stock Exchange and this will be 2nd in world….


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