Chandi Reports Updates Mcx Silver Tips Neal Bhai

Chandi Mcx Reports Updates Mcx Silver

Chandi Reports Updates Mcx Silver Tips Neal BhaiSilver Mcx (Chandi Mcx) CMP 35914

Keep Eye on 36215 If Trade Above 36215 

We See Blast Up to 36980– 37485

Neal Bhai 9899900589 | 9582247600

  • ALERT- Below 285 ,sell ARVIND MILLS ,Stop will be 291….Target 280—-270 in panic.
    Below 2614 ,sell TCS….Target 2544-2521..stop will be 2640 & RELAX
    Grab only 511463…..Yes another 10 or 12 days and see what happens ??Buy slowly no hurry

  • NF if revives ,Sell with stop of 8707—–8721 level.Yes …Crossover with volumes will take to 8762 level.
    Upto 11 AM ,Downtrend will continue

  • ALERT-SELL MORE HINDALCO at 130,stoplossssssssssssss :134 & RELAX.

  • Lion Heart Traders ,Sell JINDAL STEEL at 180,stoploss 184.
    Target 173—169 level.
    Only 511463……yes little hardwork is must must must.Now at 106…..Tgt 400-500+ hold for 3-4 months and see unexpected price in diwali muharat

  • 511463 :From Rs.7 we are telling Buy it zoomed to 102 & then fallen to 78 …again now at 108.
    Please Dont sell 10 shares too if u are holding and 3rd time saying now and everyday we will any qty if u get 1000-10000 or 1 lac and buy slowly sell only at 500+.Our Target 1000+ by year end

  • Hope Commodity Traders enjoyded blooooodbath in CRUDE MCX ?????See price !!
    -Many subscribers sending mail and mssges for 511463.One word to them its KOHINOOR if u hold for 3-4 months and remember us on Diwali Muharat.

  • DHANIYA :Above 7244 level if stays we see 7751–7884 & then more Firework !!!!!!!!!
    Tomorrow 511463 :Freeze at 115…..Buy slowly and eat what ever qty u get ,Grave on Desktop tgt 400-500+ in next 4 months…Diwali muharat 1000+ ?

  • ALERT-NF not breaking low of today suppose..then also hurdle at 8707—8721 level…Dont jump and buy please….just need patience.
    Data shows those who bought 511463 at 80-85-90 are selling..please dont trade like beggar…this is kohinoor once in life time opportunity

  • ALERT-Buy BANK Nifty at 19020….stoploss 18955…buy small lot………Target 19140–19185
    -Yes only small lot please

  • Have u seen WOCKHARDT ????Yes those who holding since 1650…hold and addmore..we see 1925 & then 2000 by week end.
    Now only 15 minutes ,Buy 1000 or 10000 or 25000 if u get 511463.
    Buy small lot of BNF ,NF Ovenright !!

  • Hope u are enjoying BLOOOOOOOODBATH in CRUDE.From Morning too now crashed to 2752…..our Target of 2720-2681 is possssssssible !Lets see

    • ALERT-Buy BATA Future ,Stop will be 1157….and Relax.
      Target 1194–1203….then watch blast upto 1231-1240 in hrs only.


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