Is the Strong Dollar Really Strong?

Is the Strong Dollar Really Strong?

Gold Silver Reports — Is the Strong Dollar Really Strong? — The Treasury Department of US government, under Secretary Ja cob J Lew, is unwavering in its allegiance to the strong dollar, though the policy is looking more like a relic:

The rising greenback has made it tougher for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, with Chair Janet Yellen saying in February that it’s harmed US manufacturing and exports. Even Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, says a strong dollar sounds better than it is in reality.

As the European Central Bank & Japan continue to buy bonds to stimulate their flagging economies, investors are likely to pour more money into US. The resulting rise of the dollar, warned former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, could slow the economy. So Americans should hold off on the champagne, even if the strong dollar makes it a bargain. — Neal Bhai Reports

Is the Strong Dollar Really Strong?


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