Silver Demand Goes Beyond Jewellery

Silver Demand Goes Beyond Jewellery

Gold Silver Reports –  Silver Demand Goes Beyond Jewellery – While silver is something we may think of with regards to jewellery, coins and decorative silverware.

It may surprise you to learn that these categories make up for less than half of the total silver consumption.These days, silver demand is increasing with its unique properties that aids in many industrial products. Silver is the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals and along with its malleable and ductile nature, allows it to be transformed into fine sheets and flexible wires.

Another advantage of silver is that it is considerably cheaper than other precious metals. Silver is being used to treat warts and corns, a fine layer of silver helps a DVD to prolong its life, silver is in your personal deodorant, it can keep milk safe, it can give long life to batteries, it is also being used in 3D printing, antimicrobial lab coats, touchscreen gloves, water purification, chewing gums that help to stop smoking, laundry detergent, automotive industries, novelty explosives, photography, solar panels, food garnishing and so on. — Neal Bhai Reports

Silver Demand Goes Beyond Jewellery


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