Gold and Silver Demand Continue to Rise

Gold and Silver Demand Continue to Rise

Neal Bhai Reports — Silver and Gold are still up nearly 20% year-to-date, and so are a few other notable commodities:

Commodity Price Gains in 2016

SOYBEANS                               +21.73%

SILVER                                      +19.17%

GOLD                                        +18.22%

LUMBER                                  +17.69%

CRUDE OIL (WTI)                 +16.60%

PLATINUM                               +14.74%

(Prices through May 26, 2016)

While these commodities are up double-digits, some other commodities are still down, such as oats (down 15%) and naturals gas (-14%). Each commodity has its own specific supply/demand fundamentals.

Gold and silver have better supply/demand fundamentals than natural gas and many grains and other agricultural commodities (which – unlike gold – can be planted in the ground to create more supply!) New gold supplies are stagnant or slowly declining, while physical and speculative demand is rising.

In the physical markets, sales of American Eagle gold and silver coins by the U.S. Mint (through May 27) have already surpassed the sales for all 31 days of last May – by a large amount. — Gold Silver Reports


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