Cotton Output at 397 Lakh Bales in 2014-15 season

Total cotton production is estimated at 397 lakh bales for the ongoing crop season—which began on 1 October 2014—due to a decline in productivity in the central region, the Cotton Association of India (CAI) said on Wednesday.

The total cotton production stood at 407.25 lakh bales (of 170kg each) during the 2013-14 season, according CAI data. Total crop in the central region in January is estimated at 219.25 lakh bales compared to 235.75 lakh bales last year.

The central region includes Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The projected balance sheet drawn by the CAI for the year 2014-15, estimates total cotton supply at 468.90 lakh bales while domestic consumption is estimated at 306.00 lakh bales, thus leaving an available surplus of 162.90 lakh bales.

Earlier, in its December estimates CAI had put the cotton production at 400.25 lakh bales. CAI further said that Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) is procuring cotton from the farmers and providing them with the necessary price support on a timely basis.


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