Copper MCX Trading Level 299-309, Lead Level 115-117

Copper MCX Trading Level 299-309, Lead Level 115-117

Gold Silver Reports – Base metals may witness its recovery as zinc and lead may outperform the pack. Copper may move in the range of 299-309. Lead can hover in the range of 115-117 while zinc can move in the range of 136 -139.

Nickel may move in the range of 570-587 in MCX. Aluminum can move in the range of 105-107 in MCX. China’s copper imports jumped 19.4 percent from the same month a year ago to 430,000 tonnes in May, customs data showed on Wednesday.

Zinc prices climbed to a new 10-month peak on persistent concerns about declining supplies. Zinc LME warehouse inventories have slid 24 percent since mid-February to 379,875 tonnes, the lowest since July 2009. – Neal Bhai Reports


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