Gold Silver Reports — CUMIN, CORIANDER PRICES TURN Spicy — Sowing area under cumin and coriander may see a jump prompted by a good monsoon and high prices. 

Chilli, another important spice, has already recorded a 30-40% increase in acreage in the chief growing areas of Andhra and Karnataka, with prices hitting an all-time-high of `150 per kg.Cumin and coriander are rabi crops, whose sowing is set to begin in a couple of months.

“Sowing of coriander is likely to go up as rainfall has been good in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, the chief growing areas. Moreover, prices of chana, the chief competitor for coriander among farmers in Rajasthan, have fallen recently ,“ said PCK Maheswaran, partner at PC Kannan & Co, a major exporter of the spice.

However, in Saurashtra region, growers may prefer cumin to coriander as price of former peaked to `200 per kg some time ago. Gujarat is the largest producer of cumin. “In any case, there will be sufficient water for growers to cultivate,“ Maheswaran said.

Coriander was in the news recently for a hike in futures prices and complaints of inferior quality coriander flowing to warehouses. This, along with more arrivals in the market, have led to a drop in coriander prices.NCDEX near-month futures of coriander are ruling around `81 per kg. — Neal Bhai Reports



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